Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend projects

The J.Crew boatneck top knockoff is officially done! I was having issues with the silk twill drooping lower than the cotton batiste underlining and was debating on whether to start taking apart seams. I decided to just do the hand hemming of the sleeves and hem and hope it turned out okay, this seems to have worked this time. :-) There was one bubble on the right sleeve that I thought for sure I'd have to fix, but somehow in the hemming and pressing it turned out fine for the 3 feet test. (If you can't see it from 3 feet away it's good enough!)

Morph of New Look 6356

Back, showing my puckery hand-picked zipper


Inside showing the hong-kong finished seams and hems

And my new Consew iron decided to provide a nice little display of it's power, by scorching a brown spot into my sleeve. Notice how it went on the cream area of the sleeve? Not the brown where it would be unnoticeable? It's so smart. I may have to keep it anyways. Note to self: do NOT lay your almost-finished garment haphazardly across the board and then leave. It WILL fall against the side of the iron. Murphy says so.

And finally I got started on another fabric from the LA PR weekend, a silk jersey from Michael Levine. I pulled out a TNT wrap top pattern morphed from Vogue wrap dress 8379.
It still needs cuffs, collar, hems, belt, and front edges. I should be able to finish it this weekend, but isn't it pretty so far?




Darn about the iron burning your top. Good thing it's not too noticable.



ohmigosh. why didn't I buy silk jersey? Why???

Lindsay T


Trés couture blouses. Nice!



That really stinks about your top getting burned. It's really not noticable - the wrap top is going to be so cute too!



Lovely tops - both of those prints are gorgeous!



Very nice blouses. I love the finishings on the first one.



I love the three feet rule. That top is gorgeous. I hope it is okay for me to make comments since I am not a blogger. I do read alot of the blogs and learn so much.