Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Sew Stylish Magazine

I just picked up this issue today for $6.99, there's lots of great articles, including one by Ann Steeves of Gorgeous Things on welt pockets. Here's the rest of the contents from the Taunton website:

Spring Fashion is a special issue from Sew Stylish that previews the newest styles. As you create the featured fashions, you'll also master important sewing techniques that you'll use again and again. Just some of what you'll find here:

Draping 101 - covers dress forms, designer techniques, and how to use draping to achieve different looks.

Construction Zone - shows you how to master the bias, enhance your hand stitching techniques, perfect the welt pocket, and sew without instructions.

It's So Fitting - includes easy sleeve fitting, beyond the basic dart, and adjusting pants from waist to seat.

Best Kept Designer Secrets - gives you an insider's look at how to design by proportion and do-it-yourself modular design.

Make It Happen Studio - offers a quartet of spring fashions that are simple to make and sure to turn heads:

  • Elegant cover-up with a draped hood
  • Beautifully layered chiffon top
  • Show-stopping lacy top with pintuck pants.
  • Designer coat that you can customize your way
  • And so much more

Best-kept designer secrets
Charles Kleibacker: Pure Bias Brilliance 16
Design by Proportion 19
Make It Happen Project: The Painterly Touch 22

Discover draping
Meet the Dress Form 26
Magazine Extra: Make a Quick & Easy Duct-Tape Dress Form 28
Draping 101 28
Draping Details 30
Draping by Design 33
Make It Happen Project: Drape & Cover 36

Construction zone
Hand Stitch Nation 42
Perfect the Welt Pocket 46
Who Needs Instructions? 50
Drive Your Sewing Machine Right 53
Make It Happen Project: Sweet Overlay 56

It's so fitting
Let's Get Flexible 60
Easy Sleeve Fitting 63
Beyond the Basic Dart 68
Make the Adjustment 70
Make It Happen Project: The Perfect Pair 74

What else...
Cool Tools 10
25 Tips to Simplify Your Sewing 78
Common Terms 88
Behind the Scenes 90


Carolyn (cmarie12)


I was not smitten with this issue. To me they are still trying to beat or come close to that amazing issue from last winter. However, I wouldn't discourage anyone from purchasing this one because there might be something wonderful in it that they could use!

Just not their best effort in my book...



I have to say, I didn't even notice what was going on with the cover coat (fabric paint border) utnil I got to the article. Not bad actually!



Carolyn-If you are talking about the one where they took Simplicity 3631 and made all those amazing garments out of it, then I agree. But I finished reading the issue today and I still think it is totally worth the money, I got some great tips out of it. Now granted, I don't have years worth of back threads issues so a lot of it is new to me, but still. :-)



See, I thought they had discontinued this magazine! I'm so glad to hear that they are still publishing it! I'm going to have to find a copy soon.