Sunday, April 13, 2008

Silk Jersey Wrap Top

I managed to finish up this silk jersey top in time to wear it to the symphony last night. This pattern is a morphed version of Vogue 8379 ,which is a dress. The last version was done in a leopard print silk jersey. Yes I have a thing for silk jersey, now let me get back to stalking my online fabric sources for it. :-) I purchased this fabric at Michael Levine in LA.

I made only a few changes in the pattern/construction, I was really happy with it the first time. The first change I made was to interface the cuffs with fusible tricot, they were too floppy without it.

And secondly I took even more fabric out of the lower back on the pattern, I had done a small adjustment the first time but was still getting fabric pooling under the belt. The fit this time around is so close to perfect I'm going to leave it alone.

And here's the inside, I don't have a serger so I make good use of my machine's seam/overcast stitch. I used it for all the seams. It has plenty of stretch and is very strong, however it is the most hair-pulling, expletive-screaming thing to rip out, ask me how I know. I've learned to be absolutely sure of the fit before I sew, and to be super careful the fabric is feeding properly. I only had to rip one small area in this top. So I was able to skip the expletives for the most part.

The top had it's debut during a night on the town in San Francisco, here's a pic of me on the balcony at Davies Symphony Hall with City Hall in the background. See my outfit? I wore the same thing with my leopard top during the PR weekend in LA, and while we were walking to a restaurant Melissa B in WA pulled me aside and said, "Those guys just stared at your butt!!!". Good enough for a repeat I think.
We went to a german restaurant called Suppenkuche and had some extremely rich food, including something called Spatzle that I will have to ask Christina how to pronounce.

Black Forest cake, YUM
And this is how I get DH to take me to the city, with promises of plenty of beer and other assorted alcoholic drinks. He hates the crowds and the traffic, but puts up with it to make me happy. It does make his glass go down a lot faster than mine though. :-)

Hope you all had a great weekend!




Your top is really beautiful.. perfume of spring :-)



I ditto the kudos on the top. It looks very well made. The dessert looks delicious too!



Sister, I was staring at your butt! Must find local ballet class...



Gorgeous top!!! What is the website where you get your silk jersey fabric?



Beautiful top.



That is one gorgeous top! Love the fabric. I have some silk jersey still in flat form waiting for something gorgeous like that.



Absolutely stunning. The print is just lovely, and the fit is spot on.

Lindsay T


You look fabulous in this. Keep dragging DH out despite his protests. Don't let him win on this one. I dragged my DH into NYC on Saturday night and he was very well behaved.



Thank you everyone! Rachel I've purchased silk jersey from a few places online, and They also stock it in a bunch of solid colors on, but it's pricier than I usually pay. LindsayT, LOL! Good for you. :-)



You'd better make sure you don't gain or lose an ounce because that top fits you *perfectly*! So chic.



Beautiful! And the fabric is so gorgeous



Wow, your wrap top is just lovely, and it fits perfectly! Now I really have to get this pattern.