Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Milly at Hancock's?

I was browsing through my local Hancock Fabrics today when I found this gem tucked in next to some hideous poly 'prom' fabrics.

While inspecting the print more closely, I found the name 'Milly' scattered throughout the fabric, which is characteristic of the designer Milly. Sure enough, I found this dress on Net-A-Porter on sale for $412 right now. The fabric is a lovely silk charmeuse, it was labeled as silk but nothing more, for $16.99/yd.

Milly Satin Bandeau Dress

Does anyone know how Milly fabric found it's way to Hancock's??




Welcome to blogland!! Beautiful print!

Curiously, I recently bought some Milly jersey knit at a fabric closeout warehouse for $2/yard.

I wonder if designers sell their leftover fabrics after the collection is finished?

Angie R.



I don't know how that ended up at Hancock's but if this is what's happening there now then it's high time that I paid my local Hancock Fabrics a visit!

Carolyn (cmarie12)


What a great find! I hope that you bought a couple of yards of it!

Lindsay T


Wow, that is an amazing find! My daughter and I covet anything Milly. I'll look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Once I found a Marc Jacobs sample skirt for $6 in an outlet/fire sale store in northern Maine. That was fun.



Beautiful fabric! The last time I went to a Hancock's, I was surprised at some of the gorgeous things I found.

Erica B.


I've been trying to tell people that every now and then you'll find a treasure in there. That is definitely a great find and I hope they shipped some to my Hancock!

Yes, my name is Arizona


I'm definitely going to check out our Hancock's! Its a bit of a drive for me, but maybe it'll be worth it!