Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Kors knockoff.....to be continued

I was really trying to finish up this dress over the weekend, but unfortunately I didn't quite make it. Okay let's be honest, when I say 'quite' I mean it still needs a collar, hems, zipper, and seam binding for the waist and armhole seams. So at least a half a day's work at my pace. *

The inspiration: Michael Kors

However it is starting to look pretty nice, even if I do say so myself. The fabric is a dream to work with, and the lining technique went so much easier this time around. I used the same procedure as described here by LauraLo, adding 3/4" to all the lining vertical seams. The last time I tried this I only used 1/2", and it wasn't enough. 3/4" was a little too much it turns out, but this was better than not enough. How much extra to cut is dependent on turn of the cloth, which varies for each combination of lining and fabric. LauraLo talks about that as well.


I'm surprised at how well this technique handled curved seams, the raglan sleeve seams came out very nice. I think I was pushing it with the princess seam though, it looks fine from the outside but inside its a bit bunched up in the deepest curve. I should cut out a notch and sew it up by hand to make it lay flatter. And if I were to do this again I think I will take LauraLo's advice and sew the darts separately, pressing in opposite directions. They are a bit bulky for my taste sewn together. I also did not press the 1/4" seams open, just flat, and did not stitch in the ditch to hold the hong-kong finish to the edge. Pressing would give a slightly better edge but honestly I think it looks perfectly nice without it, and the ditch stitching was not necessary to hold the fabrics in place. With a more slippery fabric this might help, but it saves time if you don't need it.

I'm trying to decide how to finish the waist seam, LauraLo did a dress recently by applying ribbon to it to cover the serged seams. I may try that or I may put bias binding on both edges to match what I'm doing on the armhole seams, we'll see. Any preferences?

*You know those people that say 'oh I just whipped this up in a couple hours!'? I'm not one of them. Probably never will be. I'm choosing to believe it's my attention to detail and extreme pickiness and not my lack of skill.




This looks great! what pattern did you start with?



Hi Rose! I used Vogue 8413, and modified the sleeves to be raglan.



This is coming along GREAT! It really does look like the original. I totally am feeling you on the slow sewing. Actually, with all the things you mentioned still needed to be done, I don't think I could ever do that in half a day.



This looks really great, I love the neat clean inside! And I believe you do get faster by practicing (the tenth underlined dress will go quicker) but such things will never be the kind that you whip up in a couple of hours. I do think that pickiness and attention to detail are worth it... just my two cents.
Anyway the dress is going to be absolutely gorgeous.

Carolyn (cmarie12)


Leslie - everything should not be whipped up right away! I still have two outfits that I am slowly but surely plugging away at that will sooner or later see the light of day!

Your dress looks wonderful so far. Enjoy the process and when its ready the finished dress will emerge!