Friday, April 4, 2008

New Fabric!

Unfortunately it's not for me. :-) I offered to make a knockoff of this Michael Kors dress for a friend using this Vogue pattern.

We've already done 2 muslins, and I think the fit is very good. However she is in Virginia, and I'm in California. Did I mention I agreed to do this long distance? So far the only part in my favor is she's very similar to my measurements, although she has a fuller bust and smaller hips. Sigh, life isn't fair. I've had her looking for fabric for a month now, she finally picked this gorgeous tweed wool from Emma One Sock.

I had her ship it to my house directly, and I gasped when I opened the box. That tends to happen whenever I order fabric from Linda at EOS, she has the nicest fabrics. I'm super excited to start working on it, I just have to order an invisible zipper and get some more cotton batiste for the underlining.

And I have to thank Cidell for awarding me my first ever blog award, not bad for only being around less than a week. I will do my best to live up to the honor!

I know I'm supposed to pick 10 other blogs to pass along the award, but honestly I think they've all been nominated already! I'm going to have to do some digging and come up with some others.




You're such a nice friend! I hope she likes the dress.



Congrads on ur nomination!



That dress will be gorgeous. You are brave (but very kind) to sew for someone else. Where do you order your invisible zippers? I have the hardest time finding them around where I live.



Thanks ladies! And Rachel I haven't ordered zippers online before, but I will be using