Sunday, April 13, 2008


Getting packages is fun. Even when DH gets them first and says 'did you order MORE fabric??' while holding up the box like it has a disease.

Fortunately this one was not of my doing, Cidell was kind enough to donate some buttons to my non-existent stash, and pass along a few patterns she thought I would like, that coincidentally were given to her by Caroline G. (thank you Caroline!).

I have some rayon jersey that would be perfect for that Hot Patterns top or dress, and while looking at the Vogue 1809 (OOP) I realized the seamlines are scarily close to that Lela Rose dress I was just posting about. Hmmm, I think she read my mind. Or her intern read my mind. :-)

Vogue 1809, look at view A

Thank you Cidell!!!!!!