Saturday, May 10, 2008

Haute Couture Societe Annual Fundraiser/Fashion Show

Last Sunday I was graciously given an extra ticket to a fashion show/luncheon/fundraiser for a group based in Stockton, CA called the Haute Couture Societe. They focus on fashion design and fine needle arts with monthly meetings, workshops, field trips, and a scholarship program for students pursuing an education in fashion. I met several ladies at the PR weekend in LA who are members of this group, they were kind enough to invite me into their 'sewing lives' (they have get togethers on their own) which included this event. (Thank you for the ticket Kelly!)

First off, I have to apologize for the terrible photography. I snapped a few, but most of the ones I took during the fashion show didn't turn out at all. I will try to dazzle you with my extraordinary literary skills. Anyhoo...

Before the fashion show I had time to walk around and check out some of the garments on display, all made by members, as well as the tables full of raffle prizes and silent auction items.

Yellow silk dress

Petticoat and cami

Raffle prizes, all donated

Then the fashion show began, they had a runway set up in the middle of the room in between all the banquet tables. Many of the members and various family members modeled garments they had made. There was a wide variety of projects, lots of wearable art, children's clothes, as well as standard pattern fare and self-drafted pieces. The two 'celebrities' for the day were Rami Kim and Marina Glazer. Rami is a fabric artist with a new book out right now on folding fabric techniques. She modeled several of her garments and while not my style, they were breathtaking to look at. Marina is a designer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, she had several models there to showcase her dresses, thankfully they saved her creations for last so the mere mortals would not have to get up on the catwalk after the 6-foot tall models.

While my camera failed me on taking stills, I managed to capture a video of one of Marina's dresses. It's only about 30 seconds long, when you get to the end look for the older gentleman helping the model down the stairs. I was taken with this man, he is obviously up there in years but he offered his hand to everyone who came down the stairs. So cute.

One of the ladies in our group modeled several of her garments, we of course cheered her on. After her last change, she came back to our table and sat down to watch the rest of the show. We were starving by the time the show was over, so I did not get a pic of the yummy chicken breast sandwich and salad they served us. I think we all inhaled it. However I did take a picture of Barbara's dessert, only because they hadn't brought mine yet and I was staring at hers in anticipation.

And then I realized I hadn't taken a picture of my outfit, this is Burda 7783 in navy cotton with my red J.crew shoes. In the bathroom. After eating. And I'm all wrinkled. I have no shame. :-)

I had a wonderful time and will be meeting up with these ladies again next weekend, hopefully to work on/show off some of my own things! If you would like more information about Haute Couture Societe, their phone number is 209-648-0637. They do not have a website. Their monthy meetings go from September through May so the last one is here in another week or so.