Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my husband Jeff (hi sweet cheeks!), who is 36 today. I just barely managed to finish his shirt in time, here he is (reluctantly) modeling it for you all. He was quite pleased with it, although he completely doubted my ability to finish it in time yesterday. Poor man, he's heard me say 'just 30 more minutes!' waaaay too many times when I'm at my sewing table. Why should his birthday present be any different?

I have a lot of comments to make about the construction, but I'll save those for the next few blog posts. All I can say for now is that David Page Coffin is a genius. I am not worthy.

Armani 100% cotton shirting from Michael's fabrics

Pattern is copied exactly from one of DH's shirts

With flash, it appears more blue here, the true color is somewhat in between the two.

Yes, I did actually manage to match the stripes across the front and the pocket.
And I meant to do that too.